Our Preeminent Domestic Tours

Educational tours for school students have over the last few years picked up steam, with a variety of holiday packages duration starting from the tour between 1-3 Nights with in the radius of 350 Kms from the start point. Now offering opportunities to take learning beyond the classroom. We are seeking to combine the educational aspects of learning with out-of-classroom experiences in nature which will help develop problem solving abilities and inculcate teamwork and leadership qualities in children. Participation in such tours change the landscape of educational travel and learning. First, the hands-on activities heighten the experience for both teachers and students

Short Trips India
2 - 4 Days
Short School and College Trip are now-a-days very much famous and almost each and every second school, institution and college is planning. Where the duration of the trip is 2 night / 3 days or max to max 3 nights and 4 days with single destination.
Heartly Trips India
6 - 8 Days
Heartly school trip are planned on the semester or exams are over. These types of trip planned anywhere across the country or world. Sometime these types of tours a mix of fun and Educational aspect.
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